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Subject-Matter Webinars

Subject-Matter Webinars

Welcome to Subject-Matter Webinars, a comprehensive solution for multinational companies looking to stay ahead of the curve on international human rights and social sustainability. Our webinars offer a wide range of topics, including international human rights law, other soft and hard law, human rights principles for companies, modern slavery in business, and various human rights measures companies can take.

We have expert speakers and trainers who provide insights on relevant human rights and slavery in business, relevant laws and regulations, such as the EU Directive on Human Rights Due Diligence. Our webinars are specifically designed for senior leaders in the company to prepare for the coming wave of hard law on human rights due diligence.

The advantages of participating in our webinars are numerous. Our webinars are designed to improve the awareness of staff on a wide range of international human rights law issues, both within the company and in the supply chain. This can help ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and reduce the risk of reputational damage. Our expert speakers and trainers provide guidance on how to prepare for forthcoming laws and regulations, such as the EU Directive on Human Rights Due Diligence, which can help companies avoid penalties and fines.

By participating in our webinars, senior leaders in the company will be better equipped to identify and address human rights issues in both the company and its supply chains. This will positively impact the company's compliance, legal and reputational risks. Sustainability leaders will also be able to make more informed decisions by understanding the implications of forthcoming laws and regulations and the best ways to comply with them.

In conclusion, Subject-Matter Webinars is your one-stop-shop for staying informed on the latest developments in international human rights law and ensuring your company is prepared to meet the challenges ahead. With its wide range of topics, expert speakers, and focus on senior leaders, our webinars are an essential tool for companies looking to mitigate human rights risk and maintain their reputation.

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